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Updated: Apr 25

Keywords: Digital Arts, Generative AI, AI Software

a. How can text-to-image generative AI enhance new forms of human-AI co-creativity?

Generative AI algorithms are making strides in the creative field, but they still have a long way to go before they can fully replicate the complexity and diversity of human thought. Without the ability to understand context, emotions, personal experiences, and spontaneity, AI will always struggle to replicate human creativity.

b. What is new materialism?

New materialism is a modern way of thinking and understanding the world around us. It suggests that everything in our surroundings, including physical objects like furniture or devices, and non-human entities such as animals and nature, is not merely passive and inactive. In other words, it's not just humans who have the power to act and bring about changes in the world.

According to new materialism, these non-human entities are also capable of action and influence. For instance, a river can carve a valley, a tree can provide shade and reduce heat, and a smartphone can change how we communicate and interact with each other. It's like saying that everything around us, regardless of whether it's living or non-living, can interact and affect each other in certain ways.

c. What is the value of teaching through dialogic teaching practice?

Dialogic teaching encourages students to think and question ideas, to explore new points of view, and to construct knowledge in dialogue with their peers and with teachers


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