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​3D 打印切片

Slicing and preparation are integral facets of the 3D printing process. These stages involve the conversion of a 3D model into a set of instructions that the printer can understand. This process, known as slicing, transforms the model into layers and generates a path of movement for the printer head.


Additionally, slicing determines the parameters for extrusion, such as temperature, speed, and layer height, ensuring optimal conditions for the specific material being used.

These principles form a crucial part of Wujian Wang’s curriculums of the Digital Art Class in Manhattan, 2024. Here, students acquire a thorough understanding of slicing and preparation, empowering them with the practical skills needed to create detailed, accurate 3D prints.


From the types of software tools employed in slicing to the intricate aspects of printer preparation, the course offers a comprehensive insight into the world of 3D printing.





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