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2023-2025  MAT in Art Education, School of Visual Arts, Manhattan, NY

2023-2024  MetPLC Professional Learning Community, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan, NY

2019-2021   MFA in Photographic and Electronic Media, Maryland Institute College of Art Baltimore, MD

2016-2019   BFA in Fine Arts, Minor in Photography, Columbus College of Art & Design Columbus, OH

2014-2016   BFA in Fine Arts, Oil Painting, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts Xi’an, China

Professional Experience


2024 April         Visiting Artist and guest speaker, Transfiguration Elementary School, Manhattan, NY, USA

  • Artist Talk & Lecture about personal artwork and students' artwork. Taught an art collage workshop inspired by my work "Miraged Fine China", with teacher, Ms. Carol Rodriguez.


2023-2024  The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan, NY, USA 

The Met Professional Learning Community Member 

  • Participate in this immersive, socially engaged learning experience. This cohort of teachers will transform their teaching practice using works of art as the catalyst for deeper student engagement.

  • Learn from experts and participate in social justice and arts education training during a Summer Institute, as well as ongoing professional-development and peer-group coaching sessions throughout the school year.

  • Collaborate with peers, Met staff, and teaching artists to generate lessons for a curriculum-aligned, shared unit of study that engages students in topics that affect their lives.

  • Utilize The Met as an extension of your classroom. Lead one class of students in explorations of The Met’s galleries three to four times during the school year, and collaborate with Met teaching artists to use works of art as primary sources in your classroom.

09/2022-Present  College Level Art Courses Private Tutor, Manhattan


11/2021-Present   United Federation of Teachers Member, UFT

09/2021-Present  M.S.131 Middle School 孙逸仙中学, Manhattan, NY, USA 

Full-Time Digital Art Instructor

  • Teach 82 (6th, 7th, and 8th-grade) students in 5 classes Digital Art including Adobe Creative Suites, Wordclouds, and Art Softwares Monday to Friday.

  • Manage 5 Ultimaker 3D printers and teach students 3D modeling and collaborative 3D printing projects

  • Lesson Planning and Curriculum Development for 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students.

  • Curate 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students' artwork exhibitions on campus including classrooms, hallway, and auditorium.

  • Giving feedback and communicating with parents weekly about students' daily class performance through text massages, phone calls, and emails. 

  • Promote and exhibit M.S.131 Middle School Values: safety, fun, personal growth, and community.

  • Keep 32 IMac computers up to date.

  • Evaluate students' in-class assignments, homework, main projects, and bonus projects by grading students in IO Classroom/

  • Follow New York City Department of Education Public School policies, rules, procedures, and health and safety guidelines. 

12/2021-Present Up & Up Education, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Part-Time Art Director

  • Manage and supervise Up & Up Education Art Department;

  • Recruit Fine Art instructors for K-12 grade students;

  • Host weekly department meetings & parent phone calls;

  • Order Fine Art Supplies for art classes including drawing, painting, calligraphy under budget;

  • Curate solo & group exhibitions in WWJ gallery.

  • Design art department & open house's promotional posters, flyers, and social media contents;

  • Design art classes curriculums & department's short term & long term market strategies;

  • Teach K-12 students drawing & painting with pencil, charcoal, acrylic paint, crayon, watercolor, & pastel. Each class has 10 students.


10/2021-12/2021 Fusion Education, Brooklyn, NY, USA 

Part-time Bilingual (English & Mandarin) Drawing & Painting Instructor

  • Teach 9-17 years old students realistic Drawing with pencils on weekends.

  • Teach 9-17 years old students Acrylic Painting, Color Theory, Painting Techniques on weekends.

  • Design Tailored Fine Art Curriculums Maps & Slideshows for students with different skill levels.

06/2021-08/2021 Appel Farm Art & Music Center, Elmer, NJ, USA 

Head of Art & Technology

  •  Maintain an active presence around lessons, follow up on weekly check-ins, and provide accurate helpful guidance and coaching opportunities to teachers & campers.

  •  Act as a liaison between Instructors and the Leadership Team including the Bunk Heads and the Camp Directors.

  •  Uphold camp policies, rules, procedures, and health and safety guidelines. 

  •  Continuously promote and exhibit Appel Farm’s Core Values: safety, fun, personal growth, and community.

  •  Evaluate how the department is running and making necessary adjustments.

  •  Keep the department’s supplies and materials up to date while following your budget.

  •  Coordinate department workshops to ensure a diverse selection of relevant workshops are available 

  •  Organize the set-up and breakdown of department spaces at the beginning and the end of camp. 

  •  Keep an inventory of supplies/equipment, organizing equipment to be repaired, and reporting to the Camp Directors.


10/2020-Present Harvard University Chinese Media Lab, Online
Sound Design Intern

• Research instrument and music style of Northern Wei within Luoyang, the capital city of Henan, China.
• Collaborate with programmers, sound designers, and game designers on the sound design for the Digital Luoyang,
H5 website, and educational game of West Chamber.

09/2020-Present Independent Research with Professor Sonja Kelley, Ph.D. Maryland Institute College of Art

• Research and write a 30-page paper on Composer Tan Dun’s Sonic Painting and Chinese Landscape Painter Fan
Kuan’s Travelers Among Mountains and Streams.

09/2020-Present Graduate Teaching Internship “History of Film”, Maryland Institute College of Art
Teaching Assistant

• Organize zoom Meetings and upload weekly class recordings for 15 weeks.
• Answer questions and share relevant resources in online class chat.
• Take attendance and track students’ academic progress.

07/2020-09/2020 National Aquarium Visual Production Summer Internship, Archivist, Baltimore, MD, USA
Intern Archivist and Researcher

• Researched archived videotapes history and background information.
• Preserved half-century-old aquarium’s historical documents by digitizing and cataloging BETACAM videotapes
that is about to deteriorate into the Aquarium’s inner systems.
• Managed metadata by sing CatDV, Black Magic, Java, and Adobe Creative Suites.

01/2020-05/2020 Graduate Teaching Internship “Keystroke/Brushstroke”, Maryland Institute College of Art
Teaching Assistant

• Assisted a 15-student undergraduate class “Keystroke/Brushstroke” for 15 weeks by co-teaching Adobe
Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, and laser cutting by giving students in-class projects
and on-site software troubleshooting support.
• Assigned homework that requires software design, painting, sculpture, and photography, offered feedback
individually, and held group discussions of interdisciplinary art every two weeks.

09/2019-05/2020 Graduate Program Assistant of Exhibition Department, Maryland Institute College of Art
Gallery and Exhibition Technician

• Supervised technology-intensive installations that required projections, microphones, and sound.
• Directed and advised in the installation of 2D, 3D, and digital artwork in all galleries across campus.

09/2019-12/2019 Graduate Teaching Internship “Black and White Photography I”, Maryland Institute College of Art
Teaching Assistant

• Taught 15 students darkroom black and white photo processing by using film developer, enlarger, and safelights.
• Critiqued students’ photographs every two weeks and give an artist presentation.
• Prepared class documents and handouts before the weekly class session.

01/2017-05/2019 Dimensional Studies Studio Monitor, Columbus College of Art & Design
Sculpture and Jewelry Lab Monitor

• Organized and managed woodshop and jewelry shop tools.
• Offered demos of woodcutting, frame-making, and welding three days a week for two years.
• Assisted CCAD annual bronze casting being one of the six core bronze pouring team members guiding the heated
crucible with melted bronze while wearing thermal protective clothing.
• Reported emergencies including injuries, power outages, gas leaks, and broken facilities.

Selected Exhibitions










  • Winter Sketching Exhibition, Hongmei Gallery, Xi’an, China

Exhibition Curated



  • WUJIANWANG SOLO FINE ART Exhibition, WWJ Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


  • In Need of Audience, Beaton Gallery, Columbus, OH


Best of XAFA Students Group Chroma Exhibition, Hongmei Gallery, Xi’an, China

Selected Awards


  • Artist of the Month February 2022, ARTJOBS.COM


  • ARTS THREAD Short List, The Global Design Graduate Show 2021 in collaboration with Gucci


  • MICA Internship Fellowship, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

  • Maryland Retailers Association Scholarship, Baltimore, MD


  • Merit International Student Scholarship Grant, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD


  • President’s List, Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, OH

  • Merit International Student Scholarship Grant, Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, OH

  • National Best College Student Merit Scholarship, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an, China

Media Reviews and Features








Writing Samples



中文往期作品 2020-2014



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