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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Master Class

Up & Up Education

The best way to learn art is to see and analyze the original works of art. By viewing and analyzing authentic works of art, students can learn directly from the masters about color selection, structure and the artistic principles behind the works of art and the context in which they were created. This will become a memorable and beneficial art learning trip for the students.

Students went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday from 10:00 am-6:00 p.m. with art director Mr.Wang, teaching assistant Runrun, and parent volunteers for a master art study field trip while celebrating the Lunar New Year, the year of the dragon. Students did live-sketching in the Suzhou Garden Gallery and attended multiple Museum sponsored art workshops and performances such as Chinese paper lantern making, paper dragon crafting, dragon dance performance, and Chinese budaixi "Has Bang Ah, Dragon!"


周六上午 10:00-下午 6:00,学生们在艺术总监王老师、助教Run run和家长志愿者的带领下,前往大都会艺术博物馆进行艺术大师课实地考察写生,同时庆祝农历新年龙年的到来。学生们在苏州园林长廊进行了园林建筑与太湖石的现场写生,并参加了博物馆主办的多个艺术工作坊和表演,如中国纸灯笼制作、纸龙工艺、舞龙表演和中国布袋戏 "孩儿棒啊,龙!"

Event List & Map


Dragon New Year Performance

Learning Target


  • Experience the Astor Chinese Garden Court which is a Ming-style garden courtyard at The Met, the first permanent cultural exchange between the United States and the People’s Republic of China.

  • Understand the rich historic and aesthetic value of Astor Chinese Garden Court. 

  • Students create an observational drawing (pencil sketch) in the Met Gallery.

  • 体验大都会博物馆的明式园林庭院--阿斯特中国园林庭院,这是美国和中华人民共和国之间的第一个永久性文化交流场所。

  • 了解阿斯特中国庭院丰富的历史和美学价值。

  • 学生在大都会画廊创作一幅观察画(铅笔素描)。

The Astor Chinese Garden Court

Key Words:

Lunar New Year, Dragon, Astor Chinese Garden Court, Ming style, Chinese architecture, Live-sketching, Fine Arts, Museum Learning



Dragon Dance at the Met Museum

1.Students and parents walked though The MET Greek and Roman Gallery


Students walk through Greek and Roman Hallway.HEIC

2.Museum Gallery master oil painting & bronze sculpture background knowledge teaching


The Met 2024 dragon year masterclass-33.jpg

3.Impressionism Exhibition Live pencil sketching & Scavenger Hunt Questionnaire 


Students use pencil to draw Monet's famous oil painting, The Doge's Palace (Le Palais ducal) and answer a series of questions about the artist, artwork, and the artistic style by reading the given info sheet.


The Met 2024 dragon year masterclass-66.jpg

4.Students did Live pencil sketching in the Astor Chinese Garden Court.


The Met 2024 dragon year masterclass-88.jpg

5. Students choose their favorite Dragon New Year Art workshops during 1.5 hours free Museum art learning time designed by the Met Museum educators and visiting artists.


The Met 2024 dragon year masterclass-75.jpg

6. Students, parents, and teachers have lunch at the Met Museum cafeteria during the 30 mins lunch break.


The Met 2024 dragon year masterclass-94.jpg

7. Students took masterclass group photo in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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