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Miraged Fine China, 14:00, 2021

Miraged Fine China is an imaginative journey of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Chinese Porcelain Collections. Following along with a visual camouflaged horse, audiences would enter seven color themes exhibition space where all the ceramic artworks are having a sleepless absurd carnival. Audiences would gradually be immersed in the celebrations and become part of the wild cultural collision of heritage and modern digital art.

I animated a group of Metropolitan Museum of Art's Chinese Porcelain Collections by endowing each porcelain a unique humorous personality, bizarre movements, and unique combinations. I was deeply inspired by stop motion animations such as Shanghai Animation Film Studio's "Stories from Afanti, 1988", DreamWorks Animation studio's "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, 2005", and thriller comedy film "Chicken Run, 2000." Stop motion is an animated filmmaking technique in which objects are physically manipulated in small increments between individually photographed frames so that they will appear to exhibit independent motion or change when the series of frames is played back. Unlike the traditional stop motion animation puppets, museum porcelain collections are well-protected and they can not be manipulated by artist. Therefore, I took an alternative direction instead. I used Adobe After Effects to animate the images of these heritages to reimagine the Museum Collections. 


中国瓷之梦幻夜是一次美国大都会艺术博物馆中国瓷器藏品奇幻旅程。 跟随着一匹穿梭在各个古代时空的马之行者,观众将进入七个色彩主题展览空间,映入眼帘的便是陶瓷艺术品举行的一场不眠的荒诞狂欢节。 观众将逐渐沉浸在庆祝活动中,并慢慢成为文化遗珠与现代数字艺术碰撞的一部分。

我通过赋予每件瓷器独特的幽默个性、奇异的动作和独特的组合,为一组大都会艺术博物馆的中国瓷器收藏品注入了活力。我深受定格动画的启发,例如上海动画电影制片厂的《阿凡提的故事》,1988,梦工厂动画工作室的《华莱士与格罗米特:兔子的诅咒》,2005,惊悚喜剧电影《小鸡快跑》,2000 。” 定格动画是一种动画电影制作技术,其中对象在单独拍摄的帧之间以小增量进行物理操作,以便在播放一系列帧时它们看起来表现出独立的运动或变化。与传统的定格动画木偶不同,博物馆的瓷器藏品受到很好的保护,不能被艺术家操纵。因此,我选择了另一个方向。我使用 Adob​​e After Effects 对这些遗产的图像进行动画处理,以重新构想博物馆藏品。

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